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Tuesday June 06, 2023

It Is Time For Simple And Honest Prices
Searching for a merchant account can be a difficult experience. We are commited to changing this with easy to understand, simple and honest prices.

We have a program to allow you to accept credit cards at Wholesale InterchangePlus, at the guaranteed lowest cost with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Interchange is the Wholesale cost from Visa and Mastercard and is usually reserved for major corporations producing large savings.

Now your business will get access to the same wholesale rates for acceptance of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ATM cards, Gift/Loyalty Cards and checks with your own, bank direct, bank approved, merchant account.

No Application Fees - No Cancellation Fees

No Annual Fees - No Hidden Fees

No Mid Or Non Qualified Fees

No PCI-DSS Security Fees

No Contract Term Length

Bank Direct Account, No Middle Men

100% PCI Compliant Solutions

$0 Cost EMV Card Acceptance Solutions

$0 Cost NFC/Apple Acceptance Solutions

Simple And Honest Pricing

Guaranteed To Beat Any Cost By 10%

InterchangePlus: The Wholesale Price

With InterchangePlus you are on an even informational playing field and will always know the exactwholesale Interchange and exact mark-up. You can not find a better way to accept credit cards. Sign up today, there is no obligation and simply no cost to cancle.

Join every major retailer in the US and start accepting credit cards at InterchangePlus prices.

State Of The Art Payment Card Terminals

Accepts all major credit and ATM/debit cards, pre-paid cards, private label loyalty cards, NFC Cards, Apple's NFC Wallet, EMV Cards, and check guarantee. Small footprint takes up less counter space with Easy-to-learn, simple-to-use keyboard. Fast transactions and authorizations with two or three copy sales receipts. Clerk-friendly operations, easily changed paper. High visibility backlit LCD display.

We are proud to be Apple Pay ready today. With our service you will get a $0 cost NFC credit card terminal and accept payments from the new iOS devices. You will be ready for Apple Pay and all other systems that will use NFC.

The next-gen payment terminal features a proprietary EMV-enabled credit card terminal integrated with a customer-facing contactless NFC reader. In addition to standard credit and debit card acceptance, this integrated solution supports the most common new payment methods:

Near field communication (NFC) technology allows customers to simply swipe their smart phone to pay with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Soft Card (Isis) or numerous other mobile payment solutions. This technology has been rapidly gaining traction in the U.S. as the number of NFC enabled phones on the market has grown dramatically and large investments by companies such as Google, AT&T and Verizon have further encouraged adoption.

EMV-enabled credit cards, or 'smart cards', include an embedded microprocessor that provides robust security features and other applications not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network and American Express have recently announced that they will be migrating to EMV technology in the near future due to the added security afforded by these cards. Merchants who don’t accept EMV payments will be non-compliant once these changes go into effect and will incur increased liability for data breaches and chargebacks. EMV acceptance has been widely cited as an ideal way to keep you and your customers safe and secure, helping you avoid a data breach like the one Target experienced in November of 2013. Our solutions deliver the perfect way to stay ahead of the curve and keep your data protected.

Choose from traditional phone line or IP connectivity. Support for contactless NFC payments and EMV Chip and Pin.

Available under two options:

  • FREE - Free to use as long as you are an active client of our company (small minimum monthly fee applies)
  • PURCHASE - Low cost purchase with a lifetime warranty and Free paper supplies.

No matter how you choose, we will guarantee to offer the lowest cost to accept credit cards.

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We detail ALL the costs that you will pay, without using "as low as" and "teaser" rates and prices. All rates reflect the recent increases by Visa And MasterCard. Some websites have not adjusted their prices to reflect this change.

Guaranteed approval for a Merchant AccountNo Application Fees - Guaranteed Lowest Prices
Our rate structure is designed to offer you the lowest overall cost - If you find a lower price, WE WILL BEAT THE OFFER BY 10%!

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